2020 Cancelled

Infurnity 2020.10.30. - 11.01.


2020 has been a very difficult year. As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on a global scale, furry conventions among all countries have been cancelled or postponed. In Taiwan, this pandemic has caused relatively little damage thanks to the successful epidemic prevention. At the same time, social and economic activities are gradually returning to normal.
However, the health and safety of our attendees, from all across the globe, are still our top priorities. Considering the unstable situation, and possibility of a second wave of infections, the government is still taking very high precautionary measures and might continue the strict travel ban and 14 days quarantine policy for foreigners.
In addition, we have also been in contact with the hotel regarding potential risks to both parties. Thus, before registration starts, with a heavy heart we have to announce that Infurnity 2020 is cancelled.

The sixth Infurnity will still be held in the same venue - Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf on October 29 - 31, 2021. The schedule and all planned events will be carried over to next year in order to minimize impact on attendees.

This was a tough decision to make, and we are deeply aware that such a decision will disappoint and sadden many of our attendees. But we cannot risk holding our event in such unpredictable times, with fellow furs attending while there’s still a risk of infection.
International furs make up 30% of our attendees, and our major events come to life with the help of international furs. Hence the rapid change of the coronavirus situation and epidemic prevention policy of the government would have a huge effect on our event planning.
We hope our attendees, domestic and international, will understand that we have to take preemptive action to minimize the impact on them, and adjust plans to accommodate our changes.

For further information, please read the following information.
If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime at: infurnity @ gmail.com

Regarding Fullon Hotel Room Booking

No need to worry, room bookers don’t need to go through the booking process again. All current room reservations (including suite raffle) will be preserved and automatically rolled over to the date of convention in 2021.
For example, a reservation for October 30th to November 1st, 2020 (Friday - Sunday) will be transferred to October 29th to 31st, 2021 (Friday - Sunday).
The hotel will send emails to notify about the new reservation date to all room bookers on June. If you’d like to cancel the room reservation, please notify the hotel before June 30th, 2020.
The reservation date will automatically be transferred to next year after the deadline is due.

Bookers who reserved the room via the hotel website can use the following website to cancel the reservation: Click here
Click the “Cancel My Reservation” button at the menu bar at the top, and enter your booking number and booker name of your reservation in order to submit the cancellation. Processing and refund will be completed shortly thereafter.

For other booking methods such as email or phone, please contact the hotel directly using the following. The hotel will assist you with the cancellation process.
[email protected]

The refund process is expected to take 7-20 business days. Should you have further questions regarding the refund, please contact the hotel, your patience is greatly appreciated.
Any rooms that become available for reservation will be released next year, on a date to be announced.

Regarding Overflow Hotel Room Booking

Again, you still have your room and don’t need to rebook. However, bookers who reserved rooms in Hotelday+ Tamsui should contact and inform the hotel to reschedule your current room reservation to the convention date next year. Should you need to cancel the reservation, please contact the hotel as soon as possible. The hotel will help you with your request within 3 days.
Email Address : hotelday.tamsui @ gmail.com
The refund process is expected to take 3-4 weeks, with handling fees charged from the bank.

If you reserved at any other nearby hotel, please contact that hotel directly for cancellation or date changing request.

Is the convention theme going to be the same next year?

Yes, all events and the theme that we’ve already announced will be kept unchanged for next year (Oct 29-31, 2021) for attendees to enjoy and plan beforehand.

Will the Call for artwork and other submission events continue?

Yes, every event including “Call for artworks”, “Furry Film Festival” and “Fursuit Debut” will remain unchanged, other than the deadline being moved to next year. Submissions are still welcome during this time!

When will the registration open in 2021?

As it is our tradition, registration will start during Furrymosa, the furry doujinshi convention next year.

Why wouldn’t you cut the convention short or make it a smaller con for this year?

Infurnity has grown into an international furry convention over the years.
As we sealed a contract with the hotel and room reservations were made, changes in size or any major aspect would have a huge negative impact on both parties.
Not to mention should the pandemic worsen during the convention, governmental crowd control policies would be a significant inconvenience and disruption to our attendees. Any last-minute alteration would not be beneficial for any of the parties involved.

Would you still hold the convention, should the situation change and we recover from the epidemic?

It is common to start planning and preparing for the convention a year in advance.
Repeatedly cycling between full steam ahead and postponing the convention will cause confusion, and damage the relationship between not only us and the hotel or our staff members, but also with our attendees.
Therefore, the decision to cancel this year will not be changed.

If this year’s con is cancelled, are there any other plans in store?

Cancelling an event is, undoubtedly, a downer for everyone. Therefore, we are now holding an online event and looking into different options we can implement. Please visit our new website for more exciting news, check out the events and apply to host one yourself!

What can I do to help out Infurnity?

We’re extremely thankful for your enthusiasm! We’re currently looking for individuals familiar with or having experience with internet streaming, or 3D modelling.
If you’re interested, please contact us at our official email: infurnity @ gmail.com and we’ll get in contact with you.