Room Reservation Method Update Notice for 5/22

Hello fellow furries, we apologize for the problems and inconveniences that occurred during the first stage of booking. After coordinating with the hotel, we will adjust the booking method for 5/22 as follows:

1. The booking will no longer be made through the original reservation system, instead the payment process will be handled manually.

2. Please login to the Infurnity registration system and select the number of nights stay, number of people, and room type in the system when opening the reservation.

3. We will continue to adjust and improve the Captcha and random questions.

4. The quantity of rooms is limited. In case of successful reservation, the room will be temporarily reserved. After confirming the information is correct, the hotel will send a confirmation of the reservation to the email of the registration account.

5. Please fill out the reservation confirmation email and complete the deposit payment within 7 days after the email is sent.

6. If the above steps are not completed within 7 days, or in case of any violation of the reservation rules, the reservation will be canceled and released to the waiting list.

7. Please fill in the email reservation form according to the Infurnity website and send it to the hotel reservation email address after noon (GMT+8 12:00) on 5/23. The hotel will arrange the waitlist according to the order of receipt. Please note that letters sent before noon (GMT+8 12:00) on 5/23 will not be included in the waiting list.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation!

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