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Come join the fursuit talent show, the stage is yours!
We welcome talents of any kind to the stage. If you know how to dance, sing, play music instruments, skits or can tell a joke or two, doing magic etc. or any kind of performance art: WE WANT YOU TO SHOW IT OFF ON THE STAGE!!
Teams of 2 or more are also welcome and encouraged. Shake that fuzzy tail, catch attention from everyone and make them go WOW!

【How to Apply】

► Application deadline: CLOSED
► Please keep the performance duration within 5 minutes. Any performance exceed the specified duration will be considering as disqualified.
► We have projector (connects to computer), tables/chairs, mic and sound system, feel free to bring props or anything you need for your performance.
► Please keep the content and the music of the performance within the PG rating.
► Please provide us a link of the same performance video (upload to Youtube or any video media websites) in the application form.
► Please have your music file ready for upload when applying. Your file needs to be in MP3 format with decent quality.


【List of Performers】(Sort by performance order)
鷹壯, 雷凱嚎, 犽鎧洛, 貓雞塊
Kori Karma
Kei, Mie
Kiyochii Thefox



► Rehearsal Time:10/27 9:00 ~ 11:00 (Only open for performers.)
► Performance Time:After opening ceremony, please be ready at the stage.
► Opening Ceremony:10/27 13:00


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