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Q:Can I attend not being a furry?
A:Of course yes! Just bring your friendly attitude, remember to follow our rules and have fun!

Q:Is it a fursuit only event?
A:Everyone is welcome with or without fursuit. Most of the con spaces are provided for both suiters and non-suiters.

Q:Do I need to reserve a hotel room in order to attend the convention?
A:A hotel room is a solution for the accommodation and is convenient for fursuiters to change clothes. Thus while reserving a room is not compulsory, we recommended you to do so to enjoy the convention!

Q:Can I register on site?
A:Yes! Please read the registration page for more information.

Q:What kind of payment methods do you offer?
A:We only accept Paypal / credit card for overseas attendees. If you don’t have one, please find your family and friends or Taiwan locals to help you pay.

Q:I’d like to change my payment methods after registration, what should I do?
A:Please just registration again, the reduplicated registration will be canceled automatically.

Q:I failed when paying for my registration, how do I re-pay it again?
A:Please just registration and pay it again, the reduplicated registration will be canceled automatically.

Q:Are there designated meal time during this event?
A:There won’t be a designated meal time. Attendees can leave and re-enter the venue freely with con badge, so feel free to go for food at your convenience.

Q:Are pets allowed?
A:Sadly no. We definitely love pets! But in order to maintain the cleanliness of the venue, we have to ask you to bring your pets away from the venue.

Q:Can I purchase event souvenirs after the con?
A:Yes! You are welcome to check our online shop. You can order our souvenirs in our website and we provide international shipping!

Q:If a natural disaster (such as hurricane) should occur, will the event still take place?
A:We may postpone the event date or cancel the event if the situation is serious enough to prevent us from hosting the event. In such case we would make announcements promptly for your itinerary change.

Q:I won’t be able to attend the con, can I give away or resell my membership to others?
A:Sorry, our membership is non-transferrable. You are entitled to a full refund no later than one month before the event. After passing the one month deadline, we will be unable to issue any refunds.

Q:For any reasons I can’t make it to the con, can I get a refund?
A:A full refund can be made if you cancel your registration one month before the event. But no refund will be issued for absent attendees without noticing us or after passing the one month deadline.

Q:If I am unable to attend Infurnity, can I please have everything I could have picked up at the con mailed to me instead?
A:Yes, but please understand that due to the fact that our resources are very limited (such as manpower, packaging and everything paid prior to the con etc.), we won’t be able to refund you the registration fees.

Please e-mail us regarding your cancellation and refunds.