We sincerely invite all the fellow fluffy filmmakers to join our event – Furry Film Festival! Show us your love for furries in your film and you get a chance to have your film played during our festival!

The festival serves as a medium to encourage more filmmaking enthusiasts contributing their filming talent, hence attendees of the festival would enjoy the selected films on a very big screen!

Film format:
・The length of your film should be within 1-15 minutes.
・The resolution of your film should be suitable for screening on a projector. (Recommended: Aspect ratio 16:9, high resolution 1080P.)
・The format of your movie should be either AVI/MP4/MPEG/MPG/MOV.

Submission Deadline: 2021/10/05


Submission and Qualification

  1. You must upload your film to a personal website or cloud storage. The uploaded film should not be public until further notice.
  2. Fill out the form below and give us your film hyperlink.

>>>Submission Form<<<


Important Notices

  1. The film must relate to and include animals, furries or fursuits. However, the theme of the film is not restricted to the convention theme.
  2. The debut of the film must be at Infurnity 2020. Any film that has been released or published is not applicable to the event.
  3. Forms of film such as microfilm, comedy shorts, music video, animations, musicals, interviews or artistic film are all acceptable. Please make sure the content of your movie is PG-13 and will not violate the public order or morality.
  4. The official jury team is going to review all the submitted films. The selected films will be announced on our website and be displayed in the Furry Film Festival during the convention.
  5. Each filmmaker can submit 3 films at most. If the numbers of submitted films exceeded our expectation, the official jury team holds the right to make the final decision on the number of films for exhibition in the event.
  6. Once your film has been chosen, you will be rewarded with one unique badge as our gratitude and appreciation.


Q: Does the participants have to attend Infurnity?
Actually you don’t have to! We accept submissions from all over the world, which means there might be some participants who live literally on the other side of the earth! That having said, isn’t it nice to watch your film with other like-minded fuzzies?

Q: So if my film is chosen and I am not going to attend Infurnity, how can I be rewarded with the badge?
Glad you asked! In that case, you would be required to provide your shipping address, so that we could send the badge to you after Infurnity ends. If you decide to attend Infurnity, then we would just give it to you when you claim your badge.

Q: How can I know if my film is chosen or not?
We will email you and let you know the result! We will also announce the result on both official social media and our official website, after the submission deadline and our jury team has reviewed all the submissions. Please be noted that you may post your film work only after the end of Infurnity.