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Sharing culture within the furry community is essential for Infurnity to thrive, and by running panels, everyone is welcome to learn new things from or to have inspiring discussions with panelists or other panel participants.

We would love to have you be a part of what makes Infurnity an excellent convention!

Panels on Saturday

Let's Dance to Rhythm!

Do you want to try dancing but don’t know where to start? In this panel you will learn the basic dance moves, and don’t worry, it’s gonna be easy!

"Island of Furmosa" Furry Game Interactive Showcase

After 2 years of development, the demo version of “Island of Furmosa” will be playable at Infurnity! You can’t miss this chance to try the game and chat with the development team!

Fursuit Dance Follow-Along

Get up and dance with Will in this 60 mins hype dance routine! You may learn some moves or just to have some fun! With or without a fursuit are all welcomed.

The Journey of Being a Twitch Furry VTuber

How to be a furry VTuber with zero experience? Wolfman will give a crash course of being a furry VTuber and share his story with us.

Zookeepers' Chat Room

Do you know what Zookeepers have to do for their job? Come join our panel to learn more about the life of being a zookeeper and chat with us!

Female Furry (Mesukemo) Lovers Meet & Greet

Come to meet and make friends with other female furry lovers! We have artists, female fursuits, and cookies!

Furcon Addiction Mutual Aid

Have you ever been to other furcons? Come join us and share your experiences of past furcon trips. Maybe even you will find new con buddies to travel together!

Who is the Veteran Fur?

You think you read more comics? You think you know more aritsts? Let’s find out who can win this quiz game!

Music Composing 101

Making music might be simpler than you think! Bring your laptop and download FL Studio 20 DEMO beforehand, and you can also be a musician fur!

Stamps Collecting and Postcards Exchanging

Have some fun learning more about collecting stamps, writing a postcard and using Postcrossing to exchange postcards!

Learn Photography with Imitation!

So you’re swiping through tweets and wags your tail to those cute fursuit photos. You wanna be one of those who create these amazing photos? Say no more! Grab your camera, make your first shoot, and let me lead you the way!

The Story of My 18-year Furry Life

Just want to share my joy and my story of being a furry for 18 years!

The 3rd Super Smash Bros Game Battle

A game competition of Super Smash Bros. Champion will be rewarded with NTD 1000 worth of an art commission! You don’t have to join the battle to join us!

Make Your Own Alcohol

Learn some basic steps and you may make your own alcohol at home!

(You must be 18 to attend this panel)

Panels on Sunday

Fursuiting Tips Sharing

Let’s learn some tips about fursuiting! How to make your character alive? What is the best way to perform under a fursuit? We will show you with our sharing experiences and live fursuit performance!

BigTailFurry Family Meet & Greet

Meet all the family members from BigTailFurry! Join us and bring anything created by the studio! Let’s make some friends!

Oversea Furcons & Traveling: Howtos & Chit Chats

Choice of furcons, flight tickets, accomodation, itineraries, visas.

So many things to take care of!  What do I do?

Let’s talk about how to arrange an oversea travel to other furcons and which ones could be our recommended choices! 🛫

"Furry Smalltalk" LIVE

A live “Furry Smalltalk” QA time with Takemono!

Any topics, any questions from the audiences are welcome! Come join this panel to get to know more about Takemono!

Paroto's Singing QA Time

If you have any questions about singing, just come join us and ask Paroto!

Survival Guide of Freelance Artist

Can I open commissions with this level of art? How do I set the price? How do I make ends meet to pay rents? Is accepting NSFW commissions the necessary “evil”? Artists Rhythmpopfox and Racoonnwolf will share their experiences about make a living as a freelance artist!

Lat... Let's talk about Buying Orders and Commissions of those Tighty Bodysuits!

You like getting tight? Don’t know where to start with the purchases? Need some pro-tips? All you have to do is to join us and learn more about buying/commission a nice bodysuits! (Includes hands-on demo if we have enough time)

Website 101

Don’t know where to start building your first website? Have no idea why on earth your website run so slow? Stupid WordPress load control panel for 10 seconds? Register system boom boom? You gotta come here.

TARP Furry Reading Group Gathering

This August we formed a furry reading group. In this group we reading non-fiction furry articles and discuss about furry identity and furry fandom. This time at Infurninty, we would like to invite you, whether a group member or not, to discuss more about furry fandoms in different countries and the challenges they are facing. We will provide the furry article beforehand, and let’s talk about it!

How Does Furry Culture Affects Our Life?

Come join us and share, if you like, your unique stories of being a furry and how that affects your life.

The Making of Fursuit Item and Equipments

In this panel, I will share the preparation process for large 3D prints and the demonstration of actual produced items.

How to Start a Podcast! With Fox and Burger

Do you want to know how to make a Podcast? What kind of equipment do you need to prepare? Come join us as we share our experiences and stories throughout these years!

Building with Minecraft is Hard!

In this panel, I would like to share my experience about how to build architectures in Minecraft. I hope my knowledge from my Architecture major and my experiences of participatinng MTW Minecraft projects could help you have a deeper understanding of Minecraft.

Creating Conflicts - How to Make a Good Story

“I know exactly what will happen in the next page!” But do you know there are far more details than you thought in the comics? Let me show you all the secrets and the tips of building a massive worldview and impressive drama!

Taking Photos and Drawing Stuff

Hi! We might talk about photography, drawing, writing, storytelling and all that. Let’s hangout and relax! Fursuits are welcome!

Health - Caring Yourself and Flourish

Time is essential, especially in the busy modern life, yet we tend to overlook our physical health. Join us to learn more about the way to stay healthy and attend more furcons!

Japanese Mahjong Academy

Let’s learn the gameplay and the etiquette of Japanese Mahjong with hands-on practice together!

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   Infurnity Online 2.0 will be held on 2021/10/30-31