For Attendees
► Infurnity events and function spaces are for the exclusive enjoyment of our members.
► Please wear your identification convention badge and con-lanyard visible during the entire con at all times.
► A badge is valid only for the person to whom it was issued and may not be shared under any circumstance. Convention badges must be presented and/or surrendered to any Infurnity staff member upon request.
► Infunity is not responsible for any lost goods or items, please watch out for your own belongings and keep anything important to yourself.
► Public spaces open to attendees of our host hotel are rated “PG” at all times. Please do not exhibit, wear and imitate any mature contents or any behavior meant to cross the boundaries.
► Fursuit lounge is off limit to regular attendees and for fursuiters only, photography is prohibited in the fursuit lounge.
► Your face may be showing on recording devices such as cameras and video recorders from anyone. Please do yourself a favor and avoid visible lenses if you do not wish to be recorded, also make sure to wear “No photo/video” stickers provide by the con.
► Please treat your fellow attendees in a nice and respectful manner, after all that's one important element to make this a fun event.
► Any inappropriate behaviors such as harassment or stealing will not be dealt with lightly. Harassment includes; unwanted physical contact, stalking someone in public or threatening someone. Please alert the staff as soon as possible for any related issue.
► If you encounter any unauthorized attendee without official conbadge in the convention, please inform the staff as soon as possible. (Not include the photo–taking pass by people.)
► If you notice any unclaimed packages or items, let the staff know immediately.
► In case of emergency, please stay calm and follow our staffs' directions.
► Any lost and unclaimed articles and items will be put up on the con website after the event. If an item is still left unclaimed after a month then it's up to the con hosts to decide how to handle it.
► The Infurnity Official will only declare announcement regarding to the convention or any event by the posts or articles from the official website or official social media accounts. Any message sent by unofficial account is considered as personal statement and will not be officially valid.
► Infurnity reserves the right to remove anyone who breaks state or laws and any of the aforementioned rules and regulations.



For Guests staying at hotel room
► No smoking in the rooms.
► Alcohol are only allowed in the room.
► Please remember there are other non-attendee guests in the hotel, please keep the voice down and do not disturb them.
► Attendees without room reservation please do not enter the hotel room area without permission.
► Hotel room area is not part of the Infurnity event. Any situation of dispute should be measured under the hotel regulations.



About Venue
► No smoking, consuming alcohol or littering at the event. Please pick up after yourself and keep the con space clean.
► Do not paint or post anything on the walls that aren't used for activities.
► You are responsible to pay the listed price for any lost, broken props/items at the venue.
► Please refrain from running or screaming in or outside of the building and respect the surrounding communities when you go outside. We do not want to cause any concerns and leave a bad impression.
► Please line up when in- and outside the elevator and give priority to those guests who are not attending the convention. Do not long-time occupy the elevator.
► Please do not use the power sockets in the venue for private use.



About Props/Weapons
For security reasons, you may not carry any weapons anywhere on the indoor premises of the hotel at any time. In this context, any object which is, according to its nature, suitable for inflicting injuries to persons or animals or to do damage to property will be considered a weapon, such as airsoft/ imitation firearm or potentially harmful items which is sharp, metallic or over extended in length (over 1 meter long).
Do not point your weapon at people, or shoot, load with your props or airsoft/ imitation firearm.
Do not use the transportation tools such as skateboards, roller skates or segway in the indoor venue.
Our security staff in the venue will take judge of risk in the props and weapons to ensure the safety and comfort of our attendees. Please follow the instruction of the staff if they require you to put away or pack up your belongings. Should any severe scenario occurs, the involved parties’ participation rights might be affected or deprived based on the judgement of security staff team.



For Fursuiters
► The fursuit lounge is for head piece take-off only, not a changing room. Please change your clothes at the hotel room you reserved or at the changing space we offer for super sponsors.
► Do not occupy the public space, restroom or put up the changing tent to change your clothes.
► One additional handler is allowed to assist you in the fursuit lounge. Handler is not allowed to enter fursuit lounge alone.
► Remember to keep yourself hydrated, and rest well before you suit up.
► Please find yourself a handler if you like to visit any places nearby that are outside of the venue.
► Seek staff for help immediately if you feel any discomfort, undress your fursuit cause it's probably time your body needs a break!



How to Interact with Fursuiters
► Please use common sense when interacting with any fursuiters, no physical contact on private parts of anyone (i.e: chest, bottom etc)
► People have their own unique ways to act in fursuit, if they don't talk it's just their way of performing and please don't force them to talk.
► Fursuiters may have very limited vision, please try catch their attention if they didn't noticed you the first time.
► Please refrain from reveal or unzip suiters without permission, it is extremely rude.
► Help fursuiters if they are showing signs of difficulty with moving or tripped themselves.
► Give fursuiters a friendly reminder if you see body parts exposed outside of suit.
► Please respect the suiters and the ownership of their costumes, ask before you take photos. Photography of people changing into costume is strictly prohibited.
► Remember to inform the performers with a simple "Thank you" after you are done taking photos to let them know it's okay to move again.



Fursuit Group Photo and Parade
► Full and partial suiters are welcome to both events, but costumes must cover at least the head and hands.
► Make sure you’re sufficiently hydrated before the event.
► Please do not bring props or items that will interfere with other participants, such as items that are excessively long, or noisy. Be considerate of other participants!
► During the parade, the photographic equipment that may cause safety concerns such as tripod or aerial camera drone are forbidden for the bystanders.
► To avoid any misunderstandings, do not carry any flags or billboards during the events.
► Additional props may be disallowed at the discretion of the organizers.
► Fursuit group photo is only for fursuiters. Handlers are not allowed.
► Fursuit parade is only for fursuiters (and their handlers if needed).
► During the fursuit parade, please follow the line in a steady pace, and refrain from disrupting the flow of the parade. Do not run or stop midway.
► While the fursuit parade is underway, please do not give away items to the public.
► If you are not feeling well, immediately inform the closest staff member for assistance.



Use of digital images from the event
► Any personal photos, videos, or media recording footage from the event is prohibited for profit making or for commercial use.
► Please try to avoid taking pictures of attendees who have "No Photo/Video" sticker on. If found their faces shown in your event video or photography, please respect and protect their privacy by blurring the faces out before sharing them.
► Please beware that IRL live streaming and audio/video recordings without the subject’s permission are not allowed in all panels and events held in the Infurnity venue. IRL live streaming could only be conducted at the lobby, aisle and outdoor areas.
► IRL live streaming is also forbidden during the talent show and band performance. Attendees can only record the videos and upload them afterwards.
► Tripods or any large photographic equipment which is not set up by the official staffs is not permitted in the venue due to the security measures.
► Have permission granted by anyone in your photo/video before sharing them on social media, and don't forget to give fursuit performers credits they deserve!
► The Infurnity logo is copyright the original creator, usage rights have been granted to the event organizers. Other individuals or groups are not allowed to use without permission.
► The “Infurnity” and “獸無限” name can only be used with permission from the event organizers, and is limited to promoting Infurnity, or nonprofit, noncommercial, or gifts purposes.



Infurnity reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.
Last Update: 2019.9.10.