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1. Click the button below to enter the next page. In the registration page, choose the membership you would like to apply for, then click the registration button to start filling in your application data and payment method. If you plan to join Furrymosa – a Doujinshi event in Taipei  – on 6/1, you may pay by cash at our booth. Otherwise we only accept Paypal for oversea payment.

2. Please finish the payment within the given period. Any overdue payment will be considered as unsuccessful registration. If you would like to change the payment method or should there be any problem during payment, just simply re-register. You’ll receive a notification mail from the staff after we have confirmed your payment.

3. Congratulations! Your registration process has been finished. Please remember to bring your passport to acquire your badge and sponsor package at the convention. Should there be any change of your registration data, please contact us via email before 9/30. Thank you!



1. We’re open for on-site registration for people who prefer to attend only one day. All on-site registration attendees must submit your information on arrival. To save your waiting time at the event, you could submit your data to our website beforehand (after 9/30).

2. The on-site registration fee is 700 NT per day. The corresponding day pass is available ONLY for the day which the pass is purchased. Click the sign-up button when the registration opens at 10/1, and choose the day you wish to join and fill up your information. After filling up all the requested info, you will receive a confirmation email. If you would like to attend another day, please sign up again for another day pass and fill up your information again. EZPZ!

3. During registration, please provide the staff with your passport and badge name at the Infurnity front desk. The day pass fee is paid on-site. If you would like to attend both the first and the second day, the day pass fee has to be paid on separate days. After completing registration, you would receive a one-day con badge and you could enjoy the convention in no time!

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