Con Book Submissions

Help us decorate the con book!

The con book contains important information about the whole event such as the schedule, venue map, panels, etc.
The con book is provided to every attendees, making it a perfect method to promote information. We have three types of submissions, inviting artists and creators to submit their works!

Sticker Style Illustration

► Submissions will be printed on the inner pages of the Infurnity con book with your credit next to it.

► File requirements: A6 size, 300 DPI, full color. Vertical or horizontal are both fine. Additionally, please draw the characters as a sticker-style without a background, and save it as a PNG file with a transparent background.

► It is okay to draw copyrighted characters but we hope to see more original ones from you.

► Illustrations must be related to this year’s theme, and must be drawn by the artist.


► A space for your fandom business to get more attention.

► File Requirements: Size should be 1700 x 750 pixels exactly with resolution 300 DPI, in horizontal/landscape orientation, full color or black and white picture saved in JPG or PNG format.

► We welcome promotional advertisement of any kind, whether a service, product, business or activity etc, however it must be associated to animals, pets, fantasy or furry.

Con AD Exchange

► We would love to exchange promotional content if you are running a con. Free for fur cons all around the world.

► The file must be 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm / 300 dpi, JPG or PNG, full color, horizontal.

► Due to the limitation on pages, con date and subject, we will filter through the ad exchange request case by case. Please just email us if you’re interested.

Important Notices

  • Deadline: 2024/ 08/ 31
  • There is no limitation of submission for each person, non attendees are welcome to submit as well.
  • Subjects associated with blood, cruelty, suggestive nudity, or NSFW themes will not be accepted.
  • Infurnity retains the right to use artwork submitted to help advertise the event through social media, the official website, flyers, or any other means of promotion.
  • All artwork submitted belongs to the respective artist who is also the copyright holder. Infurnity does not interfere if the artist wishes to republish or display the same illustration elsewhere.
  • Submission will be canceled if violating copyright such as copying, imitating, AI-using, and stealing.
  • We will filter through all submissions and pick which ones to use. Please understand due to the limited pages available, there is no guarantee that all submissions can fit in the con book.
  • For questions about how we choose selected works, we are unable to provide specific information.
  • Submitting your work implies your agreement to all the above regulations. 


The Fursuit Roster now has its own web page. Any attendee fursuiter can submit their fursuit photo through Infurnity REG system, and everyone can view the list at the webpages.

Due to the limitations of pages and layout in the con book, submissions may be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to the actual content in the con book for the result of your submission.

We don’t have it this year, however we may accept photography submissions in the future.

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