Theme Art Gallery

A Collection of Furry Artwork

We invite you as an artist to share your joy and creativity through artworks, and we certainly love to see how you would depict your own version of The The Taiwanese Furstival theme!

The selected artworks will be printed in our con book, as well as being the on-site decoration and promotional print materials.

Submitted Artworks

Important Notices

  • The artwork must be done by yourself and should be full-color illustrations with background.
  • The artwork has to match the theme of Infurnity 2023 – “The Taiwanese Furstival” and has to include animal, furry or fantasy creatures. The additional inscriptions, title or logo are not necessary.
  • Fanart characters are subject to approval.
  • Any artwork that meet the format and theme is welcomed, regardless of the date the art was made.
  • Please make sure the content of your art is PG-13 and will not violate the public order or morality.
  • The submission will be automatically revoked if stealing, tracing, copying, or using AI-generated artwork is discovered.
  • The artwork must be submitted online as instructed above. Infurnity will promote your artwork on its social media pages.
  • The official jury team is going to review all the submitted artworks. The selected artworks will be printed in our con book, as well as being the on-site decoration and promotional print materials.
  • Submit at most 3 artworks for each artist.
  • Once your artwork has been chosen, you will be rewarded with one unique metal badge as our gratitude and appreciation.
  • You don’t need to register for Infurnity to join this event. Any applicant from across the globe is welcome!


  1. Submission Deadline is AUG 31th, 2023.
  2. A3 size with 300 dpi. Both portrait or landscape are acceptable.
  3. You must upload your artwork to any social media (Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, etc.) or artwork website (Furaffinity, DeviantArt, pixiv, etc.) and set the visibility to public.
  4. Tag with #Infurnity2023 in either the title or the keywords. Specify the Infurnity official website URL ( in the description.
  5. Fill out the form below and upload the artwork in its original dimensions.


We welcome all the artworks no matter they are old or new! 

Actually you don’t have to! We accept submissions from all over the world, which means there might be some participants who live literally on the other side of the earth! That having said, isn’t it nice to see your artwork showing up somewhere in the venue?

Glad you asked! In that case, you would be required to provide your shipping address, so that we could send the badge to you after Infurnity ends. If you decide to attend Infurnity, then we would just give it to you when you claim your badge.

Absolutely yes! Infurnity only serves as a medium for publication and promotion, and does not own the rights of the works.

After the submission deadline and our jury team has reviewed all the submissions, we will email you and let you know the result. All of the submissions no matter chosen or not will be showed on our website and re-tweet by us!