Looking for a place to showcase your newly self-made fursuit? Feeling passionate and love to show off onstage? Now is your chance to shine! Fursuit Debut is here for talented fursuit makers! Come join us!

Objective: The event serves as a medium to encourage more fursuit makers contributing their talent, and as a platform to promote their newly made fursuit.
Program: The official judge committee will choose among the applications and the selected ones will be invited to showcase onstage for about 1-2 minutes.
Deadline: From the reg date till 2021/10/15


  1. Register for Infurnity
  2. Compress the following media files into one file:
    1. Photos of the completed fursuit
    2. A character reference sheet of the fursuit
    3. Fursuit work-in-progress photos or video
  3. Fill out the form and submit the compressed file

Important Notices

  • The submitted fursuit has to be self-made by the applicant. Make sure to credit all collaborators if there is more than one maker.
  • The submitted fursuit should be unknown to the public until Fursuit Debut. The definition of “being unknown to the public” is as following:
    • The image/video of fursuit head or fullbody should not be posted publicly on the internet.
    • The fursuit should not be displayed in public space or in a group meetup.
  • If fursuit parts were pre-made (e.g. head blank from DVC), please credit the corresponding makers as well.
  • The fursuit maker does not have to be the fursuit performer during Fursuit Debut. However the maker must attend the event.
  • The maker must complete their fursuit and ready to showcase before the runway event (10/30), otherwise the maker is disqualified.
  • Submit at most 3 fursuits for each fursuit maker.
  • Once your fursuit has been chosen, you will be rewarded with one unique badge as our gratitude and appreciation.


Q: Does the submitted fursuit has to be fullbody?
We accept either fullbody or partial fursuit. However, the submitted fursuit should at least include head, handpaws and tail.

Q: If a previously debuted suit is remade, can it be submitted again?
The recreated suit can be submitted, but there should be a significant difference compared to the previous version. Otherwise, your placement may be affected.

Q: Can a partial suit converted into a full suit be submitted?
The partial suit and full suit characters are considered the same, and therefore cannot be submitted.

Q: Can a cartoon/anime, video game, or other copyrighted character be used?
We leave the decision on what character to use up to the fursuit maker, but the maker will be responsible for all copyright issues, should they arise.

Q: So if my fursuit were chosen, how would the showcase program be like?
We would inform you of your sign-up time for showcasing through email. If the fursuit performer is someone else, please make sure the performer is aware of the showcase schedule. Each performer has 1-2 minutes of performance, and the performance must include at least 3~4 postures for spectating and photographing.

Q: Yeah so I can not make it before the deadline, but I reassure you that I could deliver before Infurnity! Still good yeah?
Yes with some conditions. We strongly suggest you to complete the fursuit before the deadline, but as long as the fursuit is ready before the Fursuit Debut, we would not disqualify your application.