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The Resonance of Melody and Rhythm

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Are you ready to stand before all the furry fans, fully express yourself, and showcase your talent to the world? The Furry Band Wanted is officially open! We are looking for a group of performers with boundless passion and talent. Let us provide the venue and stage, at the Infurnity Furry Convention, and bring heart-pounding music to life!

This is a musical feast for all kinds of people. Whether you have a fursuit or not, we look forward to your music leading us into a world full of adventure and mystery. Let your voice captivate us and your melody guide us. Your rhythm will resonate with the heartbeat of the furry community, and the intention behind your notes will leave a lasting impact on the audience!

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Important Notices

  • Applicants must first complete registration for Infurnity.
  • Selected band members must complete their registration before the online registration deadline. Failure to register all members will affect performance eligibility.
  • When applying, band members should designate a representative or have the band leader apply. Members do not need to apply individually.
  • Performances can be applied for with or without fursuits.
  • Groups applying must be a full band (the band must include at least: a bassist, guitarist, vocalist, and rhythm instruments).
  • Sound equipment, a drum set, and a keyboard will be provided on-site.  The band should prepare other instruments or additional performance props by themselves.
  • Plan 4 to 6 songs for performance and record at least one demo. Provide a link to the demo video or a download link when applying.
  • The demo recording must be of the songs intended for this performance. If performing multiple songs, providing at least one demo track is sufficient.
  • Songs can be a cover or an original piece and in any language.
  • Both post-production edited versions and live performance versions are acceptable for demo songs.
  • The demo submitted for selection must be recorded by the applicant (the band) in good faith. Please ensure it was recorded by the band.
  • Due to limited event time, if there is a high number of applications, we will introduce a review system. The list of selected bands will be announced separately.
  • The order of application does not determine the performance order. We will arrange the program order for the event day.
  • If a selected band withdraws, the best candidate from the backup list will be chosen instead.
  • We encourage bands to create or perform songs related to furries, the furry fandom, or the event theme.
  • Performance should be suitable for a general audience and must not include violence, sexual content, nudity, politics, discrimination, or advertisements.
  • When preparing performance, please prioritize the safety of yourself and attendees first.
  • We are unable to provide information regarding the selection criteria or related conditions for the review process.
  • Infurnity reserves the right to modify, cancel, add, or remove any content at any time. In case of disputes, Infurnity’s interpretation will prevail.


  1. Deadline: 2024/ 08/ 31
  2. Complete registration for Infurnity
  3. Plan your songs for performance, prepare the demo video, and upload it to your personal cloud storage or video streaming website (YouTube, etc.). Make sure to enable view permission when sharing the link with us.
  4. Finish the application form and submit the demo video link.


Having the same members in different bands is acceptable; however, we wish to give every performer an equal opportunity to shine. Therefore, if there are too many of the same members performing in several bands, the staff will review and assess the situation accordingly.

We will arrange a rehearsal on Saturday afternoon during the event. We will provide follow up details such as schedule and lineup on a later date.

Please PM to our official social media accounts, or email us at: infurnity@gmail.com

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