Furry Fashion Show

Shine in your own unique way

The pattern and colors of a fursuit character is often the most prominent way to display the unique style and personality. What exciting sparks awaits us all, when your unique design is complemented by your best outfits?

We hereby invite you to stand and confidently display yourself proudly and loudly on our stage at this year’s Furry Fashion Show. We are also inviting fursuit outfits studios to show off their best works alongside all of our attendees! Do not miss this event if you wish to see the latest and greatest apparels!
To top it all off, the most important part of this show would be our Infurnity-themed fashion runway! Ready to be mindblown by the possibilities of how you can dress yourself up? Let us shock everyone with our creativity!

Important Notices

  • Applicants must first complete registration for Infurnity.
  • Application is open to both Taiwan and international attendees.
  • Each attendee may only apply once with one outfit.
  • We accept either fullbody or partial fursuit. However, the submitted fursuit should at least include head and handpaws (or gloves). Tail may be optional depends on the outfit.
  • Outfits must fit into one of the three main styles: Dress fashion, Suit fashion, or Theme fashion.
  • Dress fashion: skirt/dress-themed outfits. (photos by BubuCat, 伊魯)
  • Suit fashion: western style suit themed outfits.
  • Theme fashion: style related to the main theme of Infurnity.
  • You must prepare the files below for application:
    — Photos of your outfits and fursuit.
    — Recording a DEMO runway film.
  • Runway DEMO film link
    (Process: Walk for a certain distance and stop at designated point on stage for 10 seconds for posing, then return to the starting spot via the same route.)
  • Our staff will review all applications. Selected fursuiters will go on stage and do a runway walk to showcase their unique outfits.
  • We are unable to provide information regarding the selection criteria or related conditions for the review process.
  • Once your outfit has been chosen, you will be rewarded with one unique badge as our gratitude and appreciation.


  1. Deadline: 2024/ 08/ 31
  2. Register Infurnity this year.
  3. Prepare the following media files and upload it on any personal cloud drive:
    ・Photos of your fursuit and outfit.
    ・Your runway rehearsal DEMO film.
  4. Fill out the form below and leave the download link of the files.


We aim for an overall visual balance and aesthetic, so there are no restrictions on which pieces of clothing must be included.

Irrespective of the type of suits, all attendees must wear at least some form of tops and pants, and the outfit must comply to the theme they’re applying to.

Yes! All skirt-related types are eligible to submit.

Please refer to our sample photos. We encourage freedom of expression so long as they are related to the theme you are participating.

Please feel free to practice with our example video. As long as you can walk in a stable manner and display your poses on stage, it is ok! Have fun
is the main goal of our event!

We encourage works of individual creations and creativity. As long as the work is not overly apparent to be related to copyrighted works, such as generic Lolita outfits, it is ok!

We will notify you with email on the time and location for you to check-in with us. Please be ready in the designated location next to our runway stage prior to starting time, and notify anyone who may participate in your stead as well.

Please send us an email at: buleonfox@gmail.com

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