Dealers Den

The Dealers Den provides a space for artists to sell, exhibit, take commissions and auctions.
Attendees are welcome to browse the furry theme merchandises and place a commission during the sale hours. Your money doesn’t disappear. You just turn money into things you like!

Dealers Den

The Dealers Den provides a space for artists to sell, exhibit, take commissions and auctions.
Attendees are welcome to browse the furry theme merchandises and place a commission during the sale hours. Your money doesn’t disappear. You just turn money into things you like!

List of Dealers

A01 | 台灣猛禽研究會

A02 | Hey!鳥朋友!

A03 | 帝辛引力模型工作室

A04 | BlueBeast藍色野獸

A05 | 小心肝工作室

A06 | 貳貓紙箱

A07 | 蜂蜜熊貓罐罐

A08 | 微光創造

A09 | JF工作室+三友皮皮

A10 | 日頭花下 NTFHandmade Studio

A11.12 | Atelier Amanojaku Inc.

B01 | Beast Fantasia. 奇獸幻響

B02 | 回憶遊廊 ReminisCade boutique

B03.04 | RACG

B05.06 | NECO studio

B07 | KillerBlood

B08 | 柴狐世界

B09 | 獸托邦 Furry utopia

B10 | 卑鄙小狗

B11.12 | 好運狐狸MOYU

B13.14 | 汪汪王國販賣部

B15.16 | 斜咖尼斯好快樂

B17.18 | My Garden 我的庭園(羊毛氈手作坊)

B19 | 雙夏

B20 | 貓大販賣部

B21.22 | 橘子雨宙

B23.24 | 狼兒的雜貨小推車

C01.02 | wolfsworks

C03 | Kemono Lounge 藤ノ間

C04 | 粉貓貓推廣協會

C05 | 雙狼和作(TwinWolf ArtWotk)

C06 | 嘎嘎嗚啦啦

C07 | 流浪狗互助協會

C08 | 車九列車

C09 | 小祭 - 幻想妖精工坊

C10 | 火心黑貓雜貨舖

C11 | Fragrances by Apollo

C12 | 洞穴裡有獾

C13.14 | 貓介-逗貓棒之尾

C15 | 虎虎壞壞BADTIGER

C16 | 虎魄沒東西

C17.18 | 雷霆遊騎兵人才招募中心

C19 | Kymaequ Art

C20 | Dragon Life

C21 | 阿魯米下麵給你吃 Arumi Ramen

C22 | 盛川食堂X熊熊蓋飯

C23 | 今日の毛色

C24 | モフトゲ亭

D01.02 | WILD STYLE 野性風格

D03 | 迷幻狗公社 Acid Dog Commune

D04 | 高高愛你

D05 | 品獸樂道

D06 | 藍德的羊皮紙

D07 | 漣月影堂

D08 | 天犬的蘋果派工坊

D09.10 | StickySlime

D11 | 空空食堂

D12 | Banana May Meow

D13.14 | ケモノ野球部

D15.16 | 赤鱗先鋒

E01 | 迴雪墨廊inksnowflying

E02 | FlightBase.飛行基地

E03.04 | 雷虎雜貨舖

E05.06 | Kibi Games

E07.08 | Furry Auto Club in Taiwan (FACT)

E09.10 | 塗鴉星狐窩

E11 | 回転ParaDOGs

E12 | 虎皮蛋糕獅子丸

E13.14 | Planet Cheetah

E15 | 基音實驗室

E16 | HybridTribe x Nexus

E17.18 | Ezhno

Dealers Den Layout

Important Notices

  • Dealers Den opens on 10/29 (SUN) 10:00~15:00
  • Booth table fee is free of charges. All creators from across the globe are welcome!
  • The submission requires a banner/logo in 800×300 px and 3 example pictures of artwork or products. (JPG, smaller than 500 kb)
  • Dealers and assistants must register for Infurnity event.
  • Each dealer can apply for two tables at maximum for their booth. However, if there is high demand from dealers, it may be adjusted to one table per studio or determined through a lottery system.
  • The content of merchandises could be original or fan arts. But the merchandises must be self-made or self-drawn animal, pet, fantasy creature or any furry-related theme of creation or fursuit.
  • The original paintings, replicas, site commission, handicrafts, digitized or customized goods are all available and welcome to sell at the booth. Please feel free to email us if you have any question regarding the merchandises to sell.
  • All merchandises that rated as “Restricted” or NSFW should be packed, marked and have the related content covered when placed at booth. Buyers must be over the age of 18 and have their ID cards checked by the dealer in order to buy those goods. Please do not sell the restricted goods to the minors that under 18.
  • If the original artist could not attend Infurnity, or the dealer has the sell appointment from other artists, please email us the proof of the artist’s appointment:
  • Do not sell pirated goods or goods are not related to the furry theme.
  • Dealers could take assistants to help during the preparing time. One table = one assistant, if dealers have 2 tables, they could take 2 assistants together. However assistants are not allow to enter the dealers den alone without a dealer during the preparing time.
  • Any decoration on the booth should follow the criteria of not affecting the order of venue, signs and nearby booths.
  • The posters, hanging clothes or public display products should be in the criteria of PG-12.
  • Please do not peddling, distributing leaflets, occupying a walkway, obstructing moving line or affect other booths and occupying space adjacent to other booths.
  • If customers are lining up at the booth, please take the initiative to avoid affecting other booths. If the situation could not be handled, please inform the staff to assist.
  • If any violation of policy and rules occurred in the booth and the dealer refuse to cooperate with staff to adjust, Infurnity has right to cancel their booths eligibility to prohibit the sale.
  • If dealer need to edit the booth related information after the registration, please email us with the booth name before Sep. The staff will help you with the matters.
  • Due to the limited space, we might end the application and examination of booths early depends on the circumstances. Please check the official announcement and your email for the result of application.


  1. Deadline: 2023/ 08/ 15
  2. Dealers must register for Infurnity first.
  3. Please prepare the file of your studio banner/LOGO and 3 files of your feature works, and compress them into a single file.
  4. Login Infurnity REG site, fill up the application form and provide the files download link.
  5. You will receive Infurnity official email about the result of application.
  6. Final dealers list will be shown at this page, and Infurnity will promote them on social media.


We will reserve at least one hour before and after the Dealers Den’s opening hours for dealers to set up and clean their tables.

There is no overnight shipping service or pre and post-event mailing service. Please ask the counter at the hotel to use the shipping service if you need it.

Of course! Although Dealers Den is only a one-day event, all Infurnity attendees can participate in all activities. You are welcome to join us on the first day!

No problem! It’s okay to accept commissions only! You are encouraged to provide your commissioned work for our staff to review when you apply.

While our attendees may be able to communicate in simple English or Japanese, having an assistant who can speak Chinese would greatly benefit your studio business. Alternatively, it would be helpful to display signage on your table with written Chinese about your studio and what you sell to ensure attendees understand them.