Infurnity 獸無限

Infurnity is a Taiwan furry convention founded and hosted by several passionate animal / furry / fursuit enthusiasts. The team A furry convention is different from a doujinshi convention or an anime convention - it holds over the weekend, it combines with hotel accommodations, and it heartwarmingly welcomes a quarter of attendees coming from over 10 different countries all over the world. Furries from any country could share their fluffy interest through furry creation exchange, panel talks, interactive games, fundraising charities, and more to explore.

The term Infurnity came from "infinity", as we hope with our effort in hosting the event, it will help the furry culture grow and extend to infinity in Taiwan. We also hope furry fans of all types (and species!) could enjoy the exciting convention even more in the coming years, through us inviting more diverse activities!

With the growth of the convention and the smoothness of the preparatory activities, the Taiwan Furry Culture Development Association (TFCDA) has been established in recent years as a non-profit social organization dedicated to providing a quality convention experience for the community.

About Furry

Furry is more of an umbrella term. It can refer to those who shows their love and interest on real animals, or anthropomorphic animal characters from cartoons or animations. It can refer to those who enjoys dressing up and performing in big fuzzy animal costumes called “Fursuits”. It can refer to those who lives a lifestyle that blends in animal traits and behaviors. They all fall into the definition of furry fans, or “Furry” for short.
Furry can also be used as an adjective. It relates to artworks and creations of anthropomorphic animals that are made by “Furries”. Such as furry artworks and furry conventions.

The community that consist of furry fans and furry creations is called “Furry Fandom”. Furries in the furry fandom celebrates their love of anthropomorphic animals through furry forums, furry websites, furmeets, and furry conventions.

Furry Convention

Furries are all over the world! Furries in the European countries and the U.S. held their own furry conventions annually from the 90s. Furry convention hosts a variety of furry events. Usually it includes events for fursuiters like fursuit parade, dealers’ den for selling artworks, art gallery for exhibition, fundraising for charity, or furry-related panels.

Nowadays there are over 100 major furry conventions hold in over 20 countries every year. For most of the furries, furry convention is THE event that definitely can not miss.

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