Racoonwolf is a Taiwanese full-time artist who specialized in various media, including traditional oil painting, graphic arts and digital painting. His animal and furry related artworks strike the audience with the strong expression of emotion in the skillful touch. In his years devoted to the furry fandom, he accumulated bountiful amounts of artworks with his very own distinctive style, which also made him known world-wide. Apart from the personal art exhibition, Racoonwolf creates works under the brand name – RACG (邋猑溪居) for other furry and doujinshi conventions. His works have made it to posters and souvenirs for conventions such as JMoF and HCFC. In addition to drawn art, Racoonwolf has been involved in fursuit making since his initial years in the fandom. He is also a photografur for various furmeets, and can sometimes be found wearing his self-made fursuits. We encourage you to check out Racconwolf’s works at the link below, and support his creative endeavors!


Zisak is a professional Taiwanese cartoonist and former comic instructor. Early in his career, he created the comic – Happy Paradise  (快樂天堂), making a name for himself as a furry cartoonist.

In 2005, Zisak’s work was formally published in 20 individual volumes from the comic series – Fullmetal Pangu (機甲盤古). His style, featuring furries in supernatural roles, garnered a large audience and became quintessential works in the Taiwanese furry community. In 2011, Zisak collaborated with other comic artists to produce their own furry comic book – Wild Flavor (野味雜煮), which has since published six volumes.

We are honored to invite Zisak to Infurnity, who will discuss his inspiring experience with furry comics, and we hope you may give him a warm welcome!

Infurnity Online 2.0 will be held on 2021/10/ 30-31

   Infurnity Online 2.0 will be held on 2021/10/30-31