Guest of Honor



Racoonwolf is a Taiwanese full-time artist who specializes in various media, including traditional oil painting, graphic arts and digital painting. His animal and furry related artworks strike the audience with the strong expression of emotion in the skillful touch. In his years devoted to the furry fandom, he accumulated bountiful amounts of artworks with his very own distinctive style, which also made him known world-wide. Apart from the personal art exhibition, Racoonwolf creates works under the brand name “RACG” for other furry and doujinshi conventions. His works have made it to posters and souvenirs for conventions such as JMoF and HCFC.

In addition to creating art and being a Vtuber, Racoonwolf has been involved in fursuit making since his initial years in the fandom. He is also a photografur for various furmeets, and can sometimes be found wearing his self-made fursuits. We encourage you to check out Racconwolf’s works and support his creative endeavors!


Zisak is a professional Taiwanese cartoonist and former comic instructor. Early in his career, he created the comic Happy Paradise (快樂天堂), making a name for himself as a furry comic artist.

In 2005, Zisak’s work was formally published in 20 individual volumes from the comic series Fullmetal Pangu (機甲盤古). His style, featuring furries in supernatural roles, garnered a large audience and became quintessential works in the Taiwanese furry community.

In 2011, Zisak collaborated with other comic artists to produce their own furry comic book Wild Flavor (野味雜煮), which has since published 7 volumes.

We are honored to invite Zisak to Infurnity, who will discuss his inspiring experience with furry comics and showcase hand-drawn comic manuscripts, hoping to inspire fellow creators who have a passion for comics.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Wolvinny is a furry dancer and an experienced video creator. The fursuits she performs are Coco the corgi, and Jail the she-wolf. She has participated in dance competitions at large at furry conventions such as EF and MFF. She has won third place at EF 2022, second place at EF 2017, and first place at EF 2016. She is also a regular judge at the EF dance battle contest (Paws on Fire). Her interests are not only focused on dance, but also on creating furry MVs with fellow furries. She has vast experience in directing, editing, and performing for many videos, showcasing her fantastic furry content.

She started to learn dancing by herself, and later held a panel during Infurnity 2021 Online, sharing her experience on how to start learning to dance in fursuit. At this year’s Infurnity, she will bring her fursuit Coco and her dance partners Carbine and Strawberry to the opening ceremony to perform an exciting dance. Stay tuned for her dazzling moves!


  • Wolvinny : Opening Ceremony Performance
  • Racoonwolf’s Panel  : Stay Tuned
  • Zisak’s Panel : Stay Tuned