Submit a Panel

Creating the convention culture together

Sharing culture within the furry community is essential for Infurnity to thrive, and by running panels, everyone is welcome to learn new things from or to have inspiring discussions with panelists or other panel participants.

In other furry conventions around the world, it is pretty common to see so many panels hosted by self-driven enthusiasts just like you and me. On that account, we would like to invite YOU to share your ideas and host a panel!

Photo by Racoonwolf
Photo by Racoonwolf

Stimulate creativity and unite fellow enthusiasts

Wanna host a tutorial session, or share your thoughts as an artist? Ready to spread your love or interest with like-minded participants? Or maybe you just want to host a meet ‘n’ greet, or feel like playing a game with fellow con-goers and guests?

Whatever it might be, please don’t hesitate to submit it! We would love to have you be a part of what makes Infurnity an excellent convention.


  1. Deadline: 2022/ 08/ 15.
  2. Panel host(s) should complete their registration first, if there are multiple hosts, they must also complete the registration.
  3. Applications are filled out using the registration system. Note that we may stop accepting applications early if slots fill up.
  4. Once the application is submitted, we will review the application and arrange a time slot. We will communicate the result using email.

Important Notices

  • Panels are primarily one hour or two hours. It is recommended to reserve some time and be flexible for participants to enter, settle in, and exit the room. (Like 10~15 mins)
  • Participants from all countries are welcome to apply for the panel, and it is recommended to use Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages that most people can communicate with. If a foreign language will be used during the session, we will make a note in the panel description.
  • Each participant can host more than one panel. However if we receive an influx of submissions, we may select at our discretion.
  • The content of the panel must be PG-15.
  • Panels are not allowed to have fees, or be used to engage in commercial activity.
  • We provide projectors, tables, chairs, speakers, microphones and whiteboards. Anything else such as equipment, stationary or props should be prepared by the panelists themselves.
  • In order for convention programming to run smoothly, please arrive at the event location at the given time to test sound and any media involved. We also encourage panel host(s) to arrive before their panel begins for any preparations necessary.
  • Should you have any questions in regard to panel programming, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Ideas for topics and activities

Looking for inspiration? Here are some possibilities for your consideration:

    The furry fandom
  • Studies on the culture of the furry fandom
  • Fursona discussion or design
  • Meetups for furs from the same country, or sharing the same species
  • Meetups for mutual hobbies
  • Performing in fursuit, and caring for your fursuit
    Educational and informational
  • Teaching techniques and methodologies for various creative works
  • Sharing your talent and hand-on practice
  • Introducing software and tooling, and demonstrating their use
  • Knowledge and experience sharing for your specific area of specialization
    Hands-On Demo
  • Fursuit making demo
  • Arts and craft hands-on workshop
  • Various other simple DIYs
    Hobby and Lifestyle
  • Freeform meetups, talks, or other social activities for those sharing a certain interest
  • Showing off or exchanging collectibles, i.e. sticker exchange
  • Meetups for people who share an aspect of life, such as profession, region they reside in, hobby, etc. 
  • Meetups or talks on specific aspect of life, psychology and philosophy, or sexual orientation
    Entertainment and Contests
  • Ice breaking group activities
  • Trivia and other Q&A contests
  • Video game and tabletop game tournament
  • Tabletop roleplaying games
  • Survival games
  • Competition involving exercise, art, or other skills

      If there’s any type of activity that you don’t see mentioned, we still welcome it as long as it follows official application criteria. We encourage you to submit your ideas!


Great to hear that you’re interested in hosting an event! We suggest that you discuss with your friends or do some online research first. You could also consider forming a group and hosting the event together. The Infurnity Staff can share some advice during the review, but you have to take care of the details on your own. Use your imagination!

Of course not! As long as the content resonates with or may be of interest to fellow members of the fandom, it is acceptable. Of course, it still must meet our application criteria.

Yes. The approved applicants can provide simple promotional media such as images or posters, no later than the end of August. There will be a promotion period during September and October.